LEAP will not be running this year!

In the spirit of keeping camp small and safe we have decided not to run the LEAP program this year. 

Returning participants, sign up for our general program!

LEAP: Leading Edge Action Program

LEAP is Camp Micah's program for returning participants. If you have already participated in our general program, come back and join us for a second, third or fourth year! 

Your week will be the perfect mix of new workshops and challenges with your LEAP group and leaders  - along with all the Camp Micah moments you love with the whole camp. 

You have three different LEAP programs to choose from. All LEAP programs begin one day early - before the general camp program. Whether you start your week in Toronto, Algonquin Park or on the waters of Mayo Lake, you will soon end up surrounded by the community at Camp Micah - this time in a LEAP leadership role!

Check out our three different LEAP programs below!

  • LEAP Earth

    Indigenous Solidarity Week

    In LEAP Earth, learn how to live out the Prophet Micah’s words with a focus on the earth: To Love Tenderly our home on Mother Earth; To Act Justly with the Earth and Indigenous Peoples; To Walk Humbly and non-violently, on this amazing planet.

    Leap Earth has a unique component as it is run in collaboration with Mirielle LaPoint, former Algonquin chief of Ardoch First Nation. The program has a specific emphasis to promote Indigenous allyship, environmentalism and justice.

    Some activities to look forward to:

    • a day of hiking in or near Algonquin Park
    • A day with the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation – protectors of the land and water
    • Learn about Ecojustice Issues and Alternatives around Extractive Mining, Pollution, Global Warming, Forest Clear-cutting, etc.
    • Lead whole camp activities with your LEAP group to illustrate the historical realities of Canada’s indigenous peoples and colonization of Indigenous land

    Specific Peace and Leadership Skills to Take Away: 

    • explore what it means to engage in de-colonization and become an ally of Indigenous communities
    • Reflect prayerfully on all of the above – transforming the heart

    You will be prepared and empowered to return to your schools, homes and communities to offer leadership in:

    • Raising awareness of ecojustice issues and solutions both local and global
    • Promoting your peers to get involved and participate in ecojustice issues and solutions
    • Becoming allies of First Nations in protecting the Earth and in Indigenous justice issues.

  • LEAP Create

    Art and Activism Week

    In LEAP Create you will learn about using art to enhance your understanding of social justice issues, and your ability to use art to create change in our world. You'll focus on learning how collaboration can be used to affirm and celebrate each other's strengths.

    And, don't worry if you're not an "artist" or if you don't think that you're very "creative". An open heart and mind is all you need to make the most of this experience! You definitely have what it takes!

    Activities to look forward to: 

    • spend two nights in Toronto getting to know one another and exploring the many ways art is used everyday to express social justice and social change
    • Head to Cedar Ridge Camp to spend the week developing new artistic and leadership skills through the creation of an art piece that will be shared with the rest of camp
    • Use leadership skills to help facilitate some activities for the general camp participants 

    Specific Peace and Leadership Skills to Take Away:

    • Collaboration
    • Team-building
    • Active listening 
    • Practice using art as tool for resistance and to express justice and peace ideas and views
    • Further develop expressiveness through visual and dramatic arts

  • LEAP Journey

    Outdoor Leadership Week

    In Leap Journey you will focus on developing leadership and collaboration skills while connecting with one another and with nature.

    You can look forward to challenging your wilderness skills! If this sounds intimidating to you, fear not! You will work with wonderful leaders and your close team to help prepare you for the outdoors and to help build your confidence in the wilderness. It's really a lot of fun!

    Activities to look forward to: 

    • embark on overnight canoe trip, learning to be present and comfortable in nature
    • accomplish a solo overnight campout; a night spent alone in nature to reflect on personal learning and future goals.
    • take on a leadership role in facilitating activities for the general camp participants

    Specific Peace and Leadership Skills to Take Away:

    • Practice creating collaborative group dynamics to take positive action in your community
    • Identify and refine personal leadership styles
    • Develop camping and wilderness skills
    • Create close connections within group
    • Exploration of individual faith/spirituality
    • Exploration of individual gifts and limitations