---Who We Are--------------------

Camp Micah is a six day ecumenical leadership camp for high school youth interested in peace and social justice! Every year we have a fantastic group of passionate youth from all over Ontario!

The camp is led by a staff of educators, social entrepreneurs, ministers, artists, and young adults with many years of experience working with youth and developing leadership programs. We are passionate about social justice and are working in a variety of fields. We come from many different Christian traditions with a common desire to be leaders who act justly, love deeply, and who serve others.

Camp Micah is a welcoming and inclusive community that values and celebrates diversity. We are an LGBTQ+ve camp.

Our Leadership Philosophy

What do you think of when you hear the term “leader?”

Do you think of somebody who is “the boss,” somebody who is “in charge,” who gives orders and expects others to obey? Somebody who has a lot of power?

At Camp Micah, when we hear the term “leader,” we think of somebody who acts justly with a spirit of love in service of others. Somebody who’s willing to take a risk to make a difference, who wants to help others be their best selves.

To us, leaders are gentle and bold, passionate and compassionate.

This is the kind of leader we’re seeking at Camp Micah!